With the shelves of every supermarket crammed with chocolate bunnies, it’s hard to ignore that Easter is just around the corner.

However some children are not thinking about the size of egg that they will receive; instead they are focussing on the daily needs of their family and the responsibility that has been placed on their shoulders. 

Young Carers provide a vital service for these young people and their families. As the unsung heroes of our communities, the children that Young Careers support are frequently looking after parents and other family members with health problems.

To help Young Carers we asked our colleagues to buy an extra Easter egg when they went shopping. As a result we were able to deliver over 250 eggs for local children who otherwise may not have received one. 

Many thanks to everyone from Abbey Tax in Rugby, Sheffield and London who contributed to the collection. Together we have helped make a difference to some often deprived and forgotten children.

Why should you donate to Young Carers? 

All children deserve a childhood and Young Carers offers the opportunity for them to be just children again. Donate here and to learn more about their work please visit their website.