VAT Consultant has been a life saver

    "The Abbey Tax VAT Consultant has been a life saver for our organisation. VAT has been a significant cloud looming over us in relation to a major healthcare contract on which HMRC raised an assessment for over £38,000. Through a thorough understanding of our charity and comprehensive correspondence with HMRC, our VAT Consultant was able to achieve an outstanding result with HMRC withdrawing the entire assessment and confirming VAT exemption on the contract.  This is a tremendous result for us and financially will make a massive difference for the future. Our VAT Consultant was incredibly professional and took the time to help us understand the process and possible outcomes. Our Board of Directors was understandably delighted at the result which has taken a great burden off our shoulders, all of which was due to the incredible quality of the support provided by Abbey Tax.

    Stephen Carroll
    Ace Centre