Virtual reality: client saves over £100k playing games

    We recently helped a gaming company with an R&D tax relief claim for the development of an advanced virtual reality headset.

    Our client has been benefiting from R&D tax relief for over six years as they continuously develop and expand their portfolio of games to ensure that the company remains competitive in this evolving market. This client has continued to claim R&D tax relief on the development of innovative games and more recently on a wearable, advanced, augmented reality device project.

    The augmented reality solution sought to deliver high quality visual effects, while being suitable for a large range of users and cost effective. Here are some of the potential uses of the solution:

    • Warehouse procedures - Boxes often have barcodes which, when scanned, provide information on their contents. The glasses can be used to inform the wearer what is contained in the boxes. Additionally, they can provide instructions to the handler e.g. information on the distribution.

    • Train maintenance - If a train is delayed due to a technical issue, significant costs are incurred. When the engineer arrives on site they may not have the specific tools needed to fix the problem and therefore longer delays are incurred. The virtual reality solution is designed to resolve these problems by instructing the driver on how to fix any routine failures or allowing the technician to view the train in real-time so they can be made aware of the precise problem.


    The technological challenges associated with this development included:

    • integration of third party technology meant compatibility issues were present;

    • Wi-Fi cross interference was a constant technical barrier; and

    • ‚Äčensuring a translucent image was produced so that full visibility of the ‘real’ world was still available.


    By benefiting from R&D tax relief, the client has managed to save over £100k in tax and therefore more funds have been available to them to invest in their future. 

    How we helped

    Over the years, we have continued to support the client successfully to claim R&D tax relief. Each year we meet with the client to establish whether there is a claim to be made. Within this technical meeting we discuss the company’s R&D activity and claimable R&D costs. Subsequently, we prepare an in depth technical report and R&D cost schedules which are submitted to HMRC’s R&D unit.  

    To find out how we can help you please contact Holly Young on 0114 236 4457.