Stopping the losses from status

    We are convinced that HMRC are following with interest recent high profile employment status cases. Indeed the cynic in us feels that HMRC’s approach to status is that for tax purposes, at least, they would like every worker to be an employee. 

    Most clients engaging subcontractors don’t have the high powered legal support of the above named entities and are therefore struggling with less than clear legislation being policed by an ever more aggressive tax authority keen to find disguised employment in every corner of British business.

    Compliance is key, and so is having the right defence. Accountax has always been able to help to ensure that contracts and engagement processes are compliant and few have a better record in fighting status cases.

    But now Accountax can offer your clients a further weapon: the ability to mitigate the resultant tax loss following an HMRC status investigation. Accountax’s comprehensive NIC losses insurance pays the tax, interest and penalties arising if your client’s subcontractors are reclassified as employees and a large NIC bill results. NIC losses is affordable because it is linked to the likely NIC exposure and the limits of indemnity can be amended to suit your clients' needs.

    In summary: affordable protection, which clients engaging subcontractors really can’t afford to be without. For more information please contact Accountax on 0345 066 0035 or