News from the NHS, but no cure for the news

    A number of public sector bodies have decided that their approach to determining the IR35 status of engagements is to either refuse to work with contractors trading through limited companies, or simply declare all engagements as ‘caught’.

    In a Times article a few months ago, the message from the NHS included the rallying cry “Hold the line!”. Seemingly, the view was that if one doctor was paid a higher rate on one ward in one hospital to compensate for having tax deducted at source, then Armageddon would surely follow. 

    Feedback suggests that the line is no longer being held and one wonders if this is not the sign of the future, as government Departments realise project deadlines will be missed if they don’t have the resources and talent available.

    On the subject of (creative) talent, we are being more frequently asked about IR35 disputes into television presenters, particularly at the BBC. HMRC’s campaign in the broadcast media has gone beyond news and has turned into a long running saga with countless ‘repeats’.

    If you believe the drama really is turning into a crisis, then let us to bring some fresh ideas and focus.

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