Grant funding updates - February

    3D printing to cut foundry waste

    The funding team recently won funding for a company to develop an innovative 3D printing technique for ceramics. Whilst it has demonstrated advantages in precision part making for polymers and metals, 3D printing has not previously offered any advantage for ceramic production, because these materials distort when fired. Our client used a previous grant (application also written by Abbey+) to develop ceramic chemistry that allows 3D printing and lets articles keep their shape when they are fired. The funding team secured a second £250k grant from Innovate UK to develop manufacturing techniques for their first chosen application - cast metal filters. These are used in foundries to remove impurities from molten metal as it is poured into a cast. Working with a UK foundry, they will prove their technology in a working environment and implement a pilot manufacturing line for cast metal filters. Ultimately, this technology will reduce the rate of costly reject castings, which reaches 90% for some applications. 

    Software solutions to eliminate supply chain variability

    Poor supply chain management could cost as much as £453bn annually. Any company who buys in products must ensure that their suppliers comply with relevant standards and legislation. Previously companies could only do this by looking at each potential supplier in turn. The funding team recently secured £70k of grant funding for our client to develop a user-friendly online supplier evaluation service. It uses in-house developed intelligent automation to verify certificates and share information with a global network of suppliers. This will allow companies to access information on the platform and verify supplier compliance, automatically eliminating the strenuous and error-ridden processes offered by current solutions.  

    Could the funding team help you?   

    We continuously monitor funding opportunities, from multi-million pound international collaborative grants to small start-up loans. We can produce bespoke funding reports upon request, making sense of the myriad of different grants and business loans out there. We can prepare complicated application forms and answer the market and commercial questions that so many small businesses struggle to understand. Our service doesn’t stop with producing an application; we guide customers through the administration of accepting and running a grant as well.     

    Key open funding calls

    Biomedical catalyst - feasibility studies of as little as £50k to larger £2m collaborative projects, to develop new products, processes or services to meet healthcare challenges.

    Health and life sciences - £50k to £2m to develop new ideas tackling various problems within food production, the environment, biotechnology and medicine.

    Innovate UK will release details of their 2017/18 plans shortly, which are expected to include investment as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

    If you would like to explore the funding available, please contact a member of the team on 0114 236 4457 or email