Funding for SMEs

    We continue to secure grants for our SME clients including €1.9m for an electronics and software company to develop the next generation of their refrigeration monitoring and control system. This existing R&D tax credit client had already developed a temperature monitoring device for commercial refrigerators. Their technology looks set to make existing regimes of recording temperature on clipboards redundant. After securing Innovate UK funding, we wrote a successful, EC-funded Horizon2020 grant to develop a scalable version to tackle international markets and better integrate with food businesses’ record keeping. This 70% grant is non-repayable and set to be transformative for the SME client.  

    It’s not just fridges that could benefit from remote monitoring! We recently secured £69,000 in grant funding to develop a remote monitoring system for medical prostheses. Our client had observed that existing systems were imprecise, variable and difficult for patients to adhere to, needing attendance at clinics. They developed a telemetry system, interfacing directly with prostheses and orthoses to provide real-time measurement of activity, biomechanics and clinical mobility. Their ambition is that patients and clinical staff use this to report problems, measure performance of their prosthetic or orthotic and identify when they need to replace it. The grant is 70% of the total project costs and is not repayable.

    Finally, all companies would like to know that their staff are as productive and healthy as possible. We recently secured £50,000 in grant funding for a start-up to apply artificial intelligence to the corporate healthcare market. This has the potential to transform the ‘box-ticking’ exercise of employee health questionnaires into a process that could highlight health issues before they impact on employee productivity. 

    Could the funding team help you?   

    We continuously monitor funding opportunities, from multi-million pound international collaborative grants to small start-up loans. We can produce bespoke funding reports upon request, making sense of the myriad of different grants and business loans out there. We can prepare complicated application forms and answer the market and commercial questions that so many small businesses struggle to understand. Our service doesn’t stop with producing an application; we guide customers through the administration of accepting and running a grant as well.     

    Key open funding calls

    NIHR i4i - deadline 13 December, any reasonable cost range, funding for projects to develop medical devices, active implantable devices and in vitro diagnostic devices. NHS or university participation obligatory. 

    Innovate UK Infrastructure Systems - deadline 13 September, £25k to £2m projects in energy, utilities, smart cities and transport research.

    SBRI Healthcare - deadline TBA, £100k feasibility studies for new ideas in cancer diagnostics and care, with an opportunity for £1m follow-on funding. 

    We have also received provisional deadlines for other Innovate UK calls:
    • Emerging and Enabling technologies - 8 November
    • Health and Life Sciences - 6 December   


    If you would like to explore the funding available, please contact a member of the team on 0114 236 4457 or email