GDPR: The claims solution

    GDPR has had a profound impact on communication between our practice clients and Abbey Tax. Increasingly firms are sending information via encryption, which one suspects is creating greater work for both sender and recipient.

    There is, however, an easier way! Abbey Tax has a secure online claims system which has already made life simpler for current users in terms of being able to log claims, update them as the enquiry progresses and have a quickly accessible record of all claims for the period. We have also noted that firms are using the system to really consider the breakdown of time likely to be spent on a claim, which is helping firms budget for their time and adds real value to the claims estimates, which helps determine the underwriting position of a scheme and therefore feeds into renewal premiums.

    However, another added value to the online claims system has become evident. Now our clients can log claims and provide the sensitive data needed (clients' personal details, HMRC correspondence etc.) without the need for encryption, which not only saves time, but also gives our practitioners added comfort that the data is being securely transmitted.

    If you are thinking of switching your fee protection insurance provider to benefit from our online claims system as well as a range of other benefits, please contact us or call 0345 223 2727.