Are you Cyber sure…or is your resistance low?

    The threat of a cyber attack is real and potentially very damaging to any business. The devastation caused can range from unauthorised access, loss of data or theft and can quickly lead to IT, legal and reputational issues.

    Since the possible impact of a cyber attack have never been more serious, Abbey Tax recently developed its CyberPro insurance product, designed to provide accountancy practices with advice and protection in the event of them suffering an unwelcome intervention.

    CyberPro was Abbey Tax’s primary focus at this year’s Accountex event where there was a specialist team to answer questions on cyber security as well as direct and indirect tax.

    Before and after support

    The key benefit of CyberPro is that it provides access to support before any problem might occur as well as advice when there is a problem. In the case of a cyber attack, CyberPro is designed to ‘contain, recover and assess.’

    Paul Mason, national account manager, said: “Over half of SMEs have suffered a data breach with the average cost of each one around £3,000. CyberPro adopts a catch-all approach by looking at the extent of the problem, enacting short-term measures to halt a cyber attack and examining what information has been lost and how it may be recovered.

    “There may even be a full forensic review of procedures or the need to rebuild the firm’s systems which will precede a plan of action formulated largely in line with any legal implications.”

    The policy pays practice costs associated with expenses including dealing with data loss and liability, even the reduction of net profit following a hacking incident.
    Vital protection

    CyberPro by Abbey Tax is a cost-effective, stand-alone product, specifically aimed at small and medium-sized accountancy firms (with a turnover of £1m or less), which can be accessed easily without the need for complicated and long proposal forms.

    To find out more about getting protected, email, call 0345 223 2727 or visit our website.