The legislation for the new IR35 rules in the public sector was published last Monday as part of the Finance Act. So that’s given us all 17 days to read, digest and make any plans before the changes come into force on the 6th April…

    Thankfully, Accountax has not been idle! Scores of practitioners responded to our last newsletter enquiring about setting up an umbrella company because they are worried about the loss of income from PSC clients who no longer see trading through their company as a viable option. Even despite the tight time scales, it’s still not too late for practices to act.

    We have also considered the issues for agencies worried about their liability as the fee payer and have developed a tax indemnity solution, which can be tailored to the individual agency’s circumstances.

    Contractors concerned about proving to their public sector clients that they genuinely fall outside of IR35 (now it’s the public sector body’s decision to determine an engagement’s status) can talk to us about working practice reviews.

    Practitioners with fee protection schemes should be targeting contractors, as many are worried about retrospective action being taken if their engagement is caught by IR35 moving forward, but was not deemed to be caught previously. You can provide them protection for the fees, we can insure their tax position if they are worried about the potential tax loss.

    Last, but not least, due to high demand from practitioners about the effects of the new rules, Accountax will be running a series of technical seminars beginning on the week of 24th April.  We will be hosting these seminars in the following locations: Leeds; London; Manchester; Rugby and Southampton. Each session will last one and a half to two hours with plenty of time for questions. (If there is not a seminar in your area please let us know, as if there is enough interest we are able to add additional venues.)

    If you would be interested in attending a seminar the charge will be £100 + VAT for Abbey Tax/Accountax/Gabelle clients (your clients would also be most welcome) and £130 + VAT for non-clients. Please contact us for further information or if you are concerned about any of the issues raised above or would like to explore the umbrella solution, please contact us on 0345 0660 035 or at