Our accountancy clients rely on technology, data security and the internet. As a result cyber threats can emerge in many ways; a cyber attack, theft or loss of data, unauthorised system access, or the adverse consequences that arise from email, website and social media misuse.

CyberPro is designed to protect against both the cyber liability which may arise, and the policyholder's own losses including legal, IT security and regulatory costs, and network interruption.

In the event of a cyber attack, the CyberPro service is designed to “Contain, assess and recover”.

The policy will then pay costs associated with:

  • dealing with the data loss and liability
  • the potential costs around cyber loss
  • the liability for damages as a result of the issue
  • even cover the reduction in net profit following a hacking incident or denial of service.

For more information about CyberPro and to receive a quote, simply contact us on 0345 223 2727 or email marketing@abbeytax.co.uk.

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