Our investigations team prides itself on providing friendly and helpful advice.

We are all aware of the pressures HMRC officers are under to maximise revenue. This is leading to a demand for specialist know-how to resolve disagreements. We are available to you, whatever stage an enquiry has reached. We have an impressive record of success with HMRC's alternative dispute resolution process and for working alongside accountants.

John Hood - Head of Tax Investigations

John leads the tax investigations team with Abbey Tax. He has over 20 years of professional experience in tax investigations and specialises in representing owner managed businesses facing an investigation under either Code of Practice 8 or 9 involving HM Revenue & Custom's Fraud Investigation Service. John is experienced in dealing with the facilities offered by HMRC to allow people to bring their tax affairs up to date and can provide practical advice and guidance on all aspects of tax enquiries and dispute resolution.

Mark Burke – VAT Manager

Mark worked within Customs & Excise for 30 years gaining vast experience in various VAT roles. He has not only been a VAT Visiting Officer but was also Deputy Manager responsible for a national, industry-wide campaign and an investigator in a Cross Tax Evasion Team, specialising in cash-based businesses. His expertise and experience led to a consultancy assignment to the Zambia Revenue Authority to formulate a national strategy to combat the informal economy.

James Cordiner – Senior Tax Consultant

James joined Abbey Tax in 2005 after leaving his role as an Inspector of Taxes.  Since joining Abbey Tax he has applied his extensive experience of handling enquiries to provide a comprehensive service to a wide variety of clients from a diverse selection of trades and professions. James also has extensive knowledge of HMRC’s Alternative Dispute Resolution process having been involved with this since its inception as a pilot scheme. He has also recently dealt with disclosure reports on behalf of ex-Christopher Lunn & Co clients and has the knowledge and experience to get the best possible outcome in these cases. James also supports our accountancy practices which have clients under investigation.

Jacqui Mann – Senior Tax Consultant

Jacqui joined Abbey Tax in 2002, having previously worked for a regional firm of Chartered Accountants. Prior to that Jacqui was an Inspector of Taxes. Whilst Jacqui’s specialisms are PAYE, IR35 and tax status, she is also very experienced in handling business enquiries and regularly assists our accountancy practices who have clients under enquiry.  

Steve Price – Senior Tax Consultant

Steve is a former Inspector of Taxes with over 30 years’ experience of most aspects of HMRC’s work. This included 10 years dealing with enquiries of all types, managing a CT enquiry team and having a significant role in the development of HMRC’s risk profiling.

Steve has since been with Abbey Tax for almost 10 years achieving excellent results for clients in all types of compliance work. Steve specialises in dispute resolution and is the team’s ADR expert. He also excels in resolving particularly complex and difficult cases. In carrying out this role he provides support to taxpayers and accountants to whatever extent is required, presents his own ADR workshop and writes associated articles for wider publication. This takes him beyond any geographical boundaries.

Steve Mullard – Senior Tax Consultant

Steve joined Abbey Tax in July 2001 having previously worked as an Investigator for Special Office within HMRC. He currently handles cases involving the Contractual Disclosure Facility (Code of Practice 9), offshore disclosures involving the Worldwide Disclosure Facility, Code of Practice 8 and Counter Avoidance team work. Steve also deals with CTU cases under civil procedures and routine tax enquiries, but his main ‘disclosure role’ takes him across the UK in the crucial job he performs for the team.    

Nigel Nordone – Senior Tax Consultant

Nigel is a former Inspector of Taxes and HMRC Employer Compliance Team Manager and specialises in employer compliance matters arising from payroll inspections, IR35 and status issues. Nigel is also involved in reviewing and drafting status contracts and is equally at home handling a wide range of investigations, including income tax and corporate compliance checks.

Davinia Douglass - Consultant

Davinia is a non-practicing barrister and a Chartered Tax Adviser. She specialises in tax investigations and has nine years tax experience. She has worked on both corporate and private client tax matters as well as advising offshore trusts and non-UK domiciliaries. She is experienced in dealing with Liechtenstein Disclosure Facilities, voluntary disclosures, Code of Practice 8 investigations, corporate and personal residence cases, Schedule 36 Notices and local compliance checks. Davinia contributed to the Chiltern PLC/BDO LLP Yellow Tax Guides and Tax Advisers’ Guide to Trusts, Fourth Edition.


Can we help?

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