In broad terms HMRC asks, “Is what you do difficult to achieve?” If it is, then there may be a significant reward for hard work. Our specialist Research and Development (R&D) division has helped many businesses to identify valuable R&D activities and tax deductions, where it has previously been thought that none existed.

The process may be perceived as complex but don’t let this put you off. R&D tax relief/credits are a right, not a privilege.

R&D activity does not have to be ‘blue sky’ innovation, nor does it have to consist of creating new technologies. Instead, appreciable improvements to existing technology which would be regarded to be ‘difficult’ by those considered experts in the field (company employees for example) are perfectly acceptable where the R&D legislation is concerned. Our professional, hands-on approach will ensure that your clients can successfully claim for their hard work and investment, stress free.

Does your client’s business qualify?

If your client can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions then the company may be able to claim substantial cash back from HMRC

  • Does the company undertake the development of new products/processes?
  • Is the company creating new or improved products?
  • Is the company aiming to duplicate existing products or processes in an appreciably improved way?
  • Has the company made advancements in its field of work?
  • Does the company employ technical staff, engineers, software developers or scientists?
  • Does the company consider itself technically innovative?
  • Does the company spend money on staff costs, consumables, and/or sub-contractor costs in order to undertake the development work?

The next step:

If you feel that your client may be eligible to make an R&D claim, please fill out your details on our contact form to receive a free health check and one of our experienced R&D advisers will be in contact to ensure that the development qualifies.

If you are unsure at this stage, a telephone conversation will be able to help you establish definitively whether a claim can be made, call us on 0114 236 4457.