Pragmatism, honesty, success

Our team of chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants and PhD scientists work in partnership with you to ensure the best advice is given relating to this niche area of opportunity. From a brief initial telephone conversation, we can quickly identify whether or not a company is eligible to claim this valuable relief. We build a relationship with clients to ensure that we listen and understand the business. By spending time with key technical people within the business, we take a pragmatic approach to understanding their R&D process.

We have developed a robust information gathering and reporting model to ensure a robust, practical claim process that delivers straight forward reporting in line with HMRC’s requirements.

This ensures that your clients can continue to focus on R&D development while we take care of the claim. We will keep both you and your client fully up to date with the progress of the claim throughout the process.

The process

Stage 1 - Due Diligence and Engagement
  • We will undertake high level due diligence to confirm the company is eligible and identify which R&D scheme the company falls into.
  • Assess time limits of claims and identify for which corporation tax accounting periods a claim can be made.
  • We will agree a fee structure; sign an engagement letter.
Stage 2 - Preparation of Documentation
  • After speaking to the key technical people within the business about the projects and the work they have been doing, we extract as much information as possible. Based on these interviews and the information extracted during our site visit, we draft a plethora of documentation that supports and justifies the claim (we travel throughout the UK to ensure that large companies with multiple sites receive the same level of service). Our report is a clear, technical description of the technologies involved and explains why the projects meet the Government’s criteria for eligibility. This is a key stage in the process, and ensures that the project is both eligible and defensible.
Stage 3 - Comprehensive Schedule of Costs
  • After we have identified the eligible projects, documented and justified the work, we help to quantify their costs. Although staff costs often make up the largest portion of a claim, there are many other expenses that can also be included. The result of this exercise is a comprehensive schedule that enables HMRC to see exactly how their eligible total expenditure is broken down. Don’t worry if they do not have a record of any R&D expenditure as it is our job to identify the expenditure in a practical and logical way.
Stage 4 - Submission to HMRC
  • The claim is then submitted to one of HMRC’s specialist R&D units around the country. We have developed personal relationships with each of HMRC’s specialist R&D units; because of this, we are able to quickly agree claims, often on an informal basis with HMRC.
Stage 5 - Queries to Approval
  • We automatically deal with any questions that HMRC may have about the claim. If queries occur, we will respond to them quickly and liaise with your client’s technical staff if this is needed. Should HMRC require a site visit, we will be present on the day to support in the representation of the claim. We have had 100% success with the thousands of claims we have submitted over the years. The claim will result in a tax benefit for your client’s company once it has been approved. This may take the form of a payable cash credit, a tax rebate, or an enhanced deduction that can be used against future profits.
On approval of a claim it is advised that your client starts planning their next claim. We will show them how to identify projects in progress and those at the proposal stage if applicable. We will also advise on how to implement monitoring services to identify eligible work and costs as they arise. Doing this preparation makes future claims faster and more defensible.