Even with a contract review, what cannot be guaranteed is that HMRC will reach the same conclusion on your IR35 status.

They may seek to challenge the employment status of your contracts and if they are successful, you will be left with an unwanted tax bill. This is why we developed Survive35 TaxSafe tax losses insurance which allows you to cover your ‘passed’ contracts and extensions and, if HMRC subsequently reclassified your engagement as ‘caught by IR35’, Abbey Tax will reimburse:
  • Unpaid tax and NIC
  • Interest
  • Penalties
Survive35 TaxSafe insurance will provide you with complete peace of mind that your business and finances are protected.

Survive35 TaxSafe premiums start from only £329 per annum and are based on the annualised contract value of your engagement(s). You will need tax investigations insurance to fund the defence of the enquiry and if you do not already have one, we can offer special discounted rates for a policy.

To start protecting your business, please contact the contractor section on 0345 223 2727 or email contractreviews@abbeytax.co.uk